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Our chiropractors are qualified to degree level and above. Together we are one of, if not the most, educated team in Scotland.

We have an educated niche in radiography, sports injury, elderly presentations, pregnancy, infant and paediatric and nutrition. All this is well beyond common standard chiropractic and osteopathic care. We are expertly positioned to see our patient through pregnancy care, through birth, into childhood and beyond.


Whether it be a complicated or simple case presentation, we communicate in a simplified, easy to understand manner. Treatment is selected to proceed with our clinicians and tailored specifically to you.


About :

​Jayne Brassington graduated from RMIT University, Australia in 2001. Since graduating, Jayne has worked successfully in family practices across Australia, Holland, Spain, UK and the Philippines. Currently, evident in the health needs of the area, Jayne resides in Scotland where she services the greater Fife, Angus and Edinburgh areas at 3 separate sites. Chiropractic degrees in Australia are 5-year full-time, and now includes a Masters when completed. Included in the study arena are radiography and radiological diagnosis which enable registered chiropractors to take, analyse and diagnose X-Ray films.

Jayne clinic hours

Tuesday 10:00 –17:30

In 2008, Jayne graduated valedictorian of the coveted International Chiropractors Association post-graduate degree in clinical paediatrics and pregnancy, which is a board exam status in the USA. Through this degree, Jayne gained expertise in the Webster Technique, along with other pregnancy and paediatric specific treatments .


Having a strong interest in all age groups health, it is imperative to understand the mechanisms of disease, health, wellness and preventable sickness. With more strain on our lifestyles through poor dietary habits, sedentary work environments and relationship stresses, our need for integrative healthcare and achieving best outcome measures are vital. Consequently, chiropractic is the largest growing healthcare group in the world.


Jayne Brassington began dancing at the age of 5 and at the age of 17 considered a career in ballet. However, her passion was and still remains in helping people move optimally, so a career in chiropractic was the superior choice in the MSK arena. As she has a thorough knowledge in dance due to her background and has been very successful treating dancers particularly contemporary and ballet, of all ages (being able to combine this with a post graduate in Paediatric functional health) and all levels including but not exclusively, The Royal Ballet, The Royal Scottish Ballet and a plethora of international dancers.


Natural, gentle, considered techniques are employed at Dundee, Fife, and Edinburgh Chiropractic Clinics. Having been a migraine sufferer in the past, Jayne is well aware of the emotional, physical and chemical causes of illness. Experiencing the benefits of well-educated chiropractors and their various approaches led her to study chiropractic in order to help those in her community.

Dr Inga Winter

About : 

Inga Winter was born in Germany and lived most of her life in Switzerland and partly in Hawaii. She came to the UK to study at AECC and graduated with the coveted Masters in Chiropractic.

Inga’s interest in health & wellness developed naturally and evolved into ideas of helping others to live a more quality life. This interest started very early in life where she inherently knew she wanted to work with people and inspire them to stay healthy and well but was unsure where this interest would take her.

Interestingly, Inga initially learned about chiropractic while researching a career in physiotherapy. This immediately took her attention and she made her decision to study chiropractic instead. This was based on the extent & depth of the UK university education as well as the brevity of the healthcare remit chiropractic offers. Consequently, chiropractic is considered one the largest growing healthcare groups in the world.

During her study and placements, she developed a keen interest in paediatrics and pregnancy completing a seminar in both and having the opportunity to take care of pregnant women and infants during her time in placement. This is an area she is keen to continue to develop her practical and academic skills in. This is particularly why she has chosen to work alongside Dr Jayne Brassington (Clinical Director & Chiropractor) in both the Edinburgh & Fife Chiropractic Clinics where we are currently Scotland’s most educated & experienced Pregnancy & Paediatric functional MSK clinics.

Included in this study arena is radiography and radiological diagnosis which enable registered chiropractors to take, analyse and diagnose X-Ray films where appropriate. We have radiography clinics in both Dundee Chiropractic Clinic and Fife Chiropractic Clinic of which Inga can refer to and in.

Outside of working she leads an active life and enjoys going to the gym, hiking with friends, especially since her move to Scotland! They are a consistent yoga practitioner. On top of this, she has a love for fantasy books and video games.

ina winter.jpeg

Inga clinic hours

Tuesday 13:00-19:00

Wednesday 09:30 - 18:30

Thursday 09:00-1330

Friday 09:00-13:30


About : 

Paul Weber joins the Fife and Dundee Chiropractic teams with a wealth of experience, having graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic (Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.) in 1995.

Paul is a native of Canada, and after having practiced in both the United States and his home country for 24 years, he decided to embark on a radically different path and a very exciting adventure by moving to the UK in 2019.

Having now practiced for a few years in clinics near London, Paul has accepted the invitation to join the Fife and Dundee teams in beautiful Scotland!

Paul has had the privilege to teach and mentor chiropractic students, mentoring for several years at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Canada. More recently, Paul assisted in a technique seminar at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth in the spring of 2022.

Outside of chiropractic, Paul is the proud father of three beautiful (now adult) children who currently reside in the United States.

His other passion is music, and prior to embarking on chiropractic studies he played professionally in a Canadian Symphony Orchestra. Subsequently he has also appeared on the stage in a variety of musical theatre productions and even sang in a southern U.S. gospel choir!

Paul is dedicated to serving you and your family to the best of his ability and is looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Fife and Dundee Chiropractic.

paul weber_edited_edited.jpg

Paul clinic hours

Monday 09:00–18:30

Thursday 09:30 –19:00

Friday 13:30–18:00

Saturday 09:00–12:30


About :

After a very successful start to his career in Angus Scotland, Luke Soh joined our Dundee and Fife Chiropractic Clinics. After leaving South Korea to study at a Masters in Chiro at AECC, Bournemouth, England he received his GCC registration in 2014.  From a young age, Luke Soh was passionate to study health sciences and best delivery of MSK health care and has now successfully become an expert in these matters.


Luke Soh made the decision early on that helping people through providing wellness healthcare was what inspired him most. His Masters in Chiropractic at AECC, Bournemouth, was specifically chosen as a university degree of the highest standard in Britain. Since specializing in chiropractic healthcare delivery, he has worked hard to provide the best healthcare to all his patients. He is very focused on well being, educating patients in their specific health needs and helping to provide long-term quality of life guidance starting with diagnosis and acute care.

Luke Soh has specifically joined our practices to further his experience in radiology, paediatric and family care of which Dundee and Fife Chiropractic Clinic holds the leading expertise in the Angus and Fife regions. His approach is centred around central patient needs of improved biomechanics, spinal as well as peripheral. His training and studying at AECC has allowed him to be an expert in postural correction and firmly believes that good posture is crucial in reducing chronic pain and preventing injuries.

Luke Soh practices evidence-based chiropractic care and updates his learning on a regular basis to provide the most effective care plans and advise for his patients.

Since moving to Dundee over 8 years ago, Luke has become very settled within the community and thoroughly enjoys living and practicing in Scotland the people, culture and the amazing natural landscapes that Scotland has to offer. he is a delightful human and a critical part of the team. 

luke soh.jpeg

Luke clinic hours

Monday 14:00–17:00

Tuesday 09:00–12:30

Friday 09:00–18:00

Dr Gareth Owen


During 2007 while working in medical research Gareth was teamed with a chiropractor on a research paper. On completion of the paper Gareth was convinced of the health benefits and made the decision to change his career path to study chiropractic.

He graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic in 2014. He is also an active member of the Royal College of Chiropractic.

Gareth successfully worked as a chiropractor in the South of England from2014–2015and successfully ran his own clinics from 2015-2019. His mother is originally from Scotland and was a major influence in his decision to move to Scotland in 2019.

Gareth was born in South Africa to British parents and throughout his adult life has gained many academic, professional and personal achievements including several health related degrees, BSc Sports and Remedial Therapy (ACE SA), MSc Health Sciences (Distance USA), Emergency Medical Technician Lvl 2 (SA), M Chiro, Mensa member, PG Cert Professional Practice, Member of Royal College of Chiropractic.

Throughout his life, Gareth has enjoyed most extreme sports including mountain biking, snow boarding, surfing, fencing ,rock climbing, archery and even dancing so is no stranger to injury. He lives by the idea that life is for living as much as possible not only as long as possible. Now, through chiropractic care, he enjoys helping people to do the same, limiting discomfort and increasing quality of life, which is a central tenant of Dundee and Fife Chiropractic Clinics.

Gareth joined our team in 2019 and we feel very privileged to have his influence, professionalism, experience and clinical expertise in the clinics.

Gareth clinic hours

Monday 10:00–13:00

Tuesday 13:00–19:00

Wednesday 14:00-18:30

Saturday 09:00–12:30

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