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ankle pain

ankle weakness, pain and instability

Ankle instability, pain or sprains are surprisingly common and can cause daily life to be quite tricky to navigate. Sprains involve injury to joints and are coupled with strained ligaments and tendons that can be torn producing swelling and bruising.


However, there are many different types of ankle pain beyond sprain and strain which can be experienced for all different reasons and a professional diagnosis from our Chiropractors in Fife is in order.

the ankle joint

the ankle joint is composed of:

  • tibia and fibula (lower leg and shinbone)

  • talus foot bone

  • calcaneus heel bone

  • five main ligaments that tie these together

    • posterior inferior tibiofibular ligament

    • posterior talofibular ligament

    • anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament

    • anterior talofibular ligament

    • calcaneofibular ligament

diagram of the ankle joint
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