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 neck pain

Chriopractic care in Fife for neck pain and stiffness

Neck pain is very common and most people will suffer episodes during their lives. In many cases, it starts suddenly and can get better quickly, without  the need for any treatment. However, there are many different types of neck pain which can be experienced for all different reasons.

As we get older, wear and tear can cause painful symptoms in your body, historical sports injuries, falls or poor posture can also be to blame for your discomfort. Some neck pain can be debilitating and persistent with associated symptoms such as arm pain and headaches. Neck pain can also be felt in either one or both sides of the neck into the base of the skull and into the shoulders. It can be  a sharp or dull pain, and can spread through the arm, hand and even as far as the fingers. There may also be an association of some tingling or numb sensations.

If the pain does not go after a few days, or starts to  get worse, it is worth seeking professional advice.  One of our Fife based chiropractors can determine the likely cause of the pain and the probability of improving it.

the neck is composed of:
  • the cervical section of the spine.

  • the occipital bone protects the brain where it meets the spinal cord.

  • lots of small muscles work the jaw, other small muscles wrap to create stability in the neck and head area.

  • larger muscles to create strength through the neck via the shoulders and head.

diagram of cervical spine anatomy
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